World Event 1 September 2009!!

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World Event 1 September 2009!!

Post by alexmaxx » Tue Aug 25, 2009 4:53 pm

On 1st September the game admins will enable the World Event :
The exact moment for World Event it's not known but it will be
- one in the morning after 8h OR- one in the evening
- OR bouth in the morning and in the evening (the admins will chose)

Each player ( IP adress) is alowed to have 2 loaders and can get max 2 annihilus charm!

The players that will be cought cheating will get get a BIG IP BAN!! don't cheat!

All you have to 2 is have 1-2 games opened on Hell and wait! :lol:

You are allowed to ask your friend(s) to kill Diablo Clone!

Also during the day will be a Hide&Seek :

One of the admins Enul or Shagy will make a game and HIDE somewhere in that game!

The fist who finds him will get SUR rune!

I hoppe you understand! Have fun !

P.S for admins: M-am plictisit la munca asa ca am zis sa fac acest topic , nu vreu sa va tin locul sau ceva de genu cum poate vor sari unii romani...iar daca am facut ceva gresti folositi DELETE!


Edit from shagy

buna treaba :D

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