where to run ? :)

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where to run ? :)

Post by Shrouded-Figure » Wed Sep 01, 2010 7:04 pm

where is the greatest chance for :

Ber / Jah Rune
Dimensional shard
& skill grand charms ? :)

P.S. - why when i sock "Flail" with quest , flail at any time is up 3 socket ?
in flail max socket = 5 ...


i read this : http://gamez.maxnet.ro/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=656

& i have a question ... how to downgrade rune ?
& please anyone translate:
*Upgrade rune fara gem ...
*Scos firestorm de pe torch adougat MF ( 1-100),adougat add exp (1-6) varieaza

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Re: where to run ? :)

Post by Shokat » Wed Sep 01, 2010 11:24 pm

Hello. Let's see now..

1. For runes it could be anywhere in act 5 hell. There isn't a single monster to kill that has a higher drop chance for runes, except the countess. So searching for high runes can be trivial. You're best bet is to do countess in hell. Max rune she can drop on this server is Lo. Other than that.. Just try Chaos runs (Diablo - act 4) if you can do it.. If not, just try anywhere in act 5.

2. For Shard - the best chance I say Hell Baal (also kill everything you can up to the throne - try ro clear everything in worldstone keep 2, 3 and in the throne). Also pindle, It's much easier to do and faster (but it will take you a damn load of runs before you see a shard drop)

3. Skill Grand Charms: Starting from act 3 nightmare they can drop anywhere in the game.. Best bet is to run travincal on hell or Halls of Vaught (the area before Nihlatak). Or you can craft them in the Horadric Cube.
One Grand Charm + 1 perfect Gem = another Grand Charm :D

4. About the flail.. I don't know.. For me it's always 5 sockets..

5. To upgrade a gem: let's say you have 2 ist and want a gul rune. You just palce the 2 ists inside the cube and hit transmute (there is no need for gems anymore)
To downgrade runes: You put a gul rune (example) in the cube and hit transmute. You will get 2 ist runes.

Another example: You put a pul rune inside the cube -> transmute and you get 2 lem runes.

6. Translation:

Upgrade runes without a gem (I explained earlier)
The firestorm from the Torch has been removed. Instead a Torch now gives (beside stats and all rez) Magic Find (varies 1-100) and exp gained (varies 1-6%)

Another modification to the server: The chance to teleport from Occulus has been replaced with level 12 Vigor Aura. And that's it I think..

Hope that helps. Take Care!

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Re: where to run ? :)

Post by Shrouded-Figure » Thu Sep 02, 2010 3:56 am

Thanks dude ! :)

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Re: where to run ? :)

Post by time » Thu Sep 02, 2010 5:01 pm

I just translated that post for the international section:

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Re: where to run ? :)

Post by alexmaxx » Mon Nov 15, 2010 6:15 pm

For flails that get 4 soks @ 1 Quest act 5 try to find a Flail in COW Normal

For flails that get 5 soks @ 1 Quest act 5 try to find a Flail in COW Hell

I never soket a Flail i found anywere in NM mode.

For me it always works.

Or u can play and get it on Hell (4 and 5 soks usualy superior)...but the drop area is random.
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