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PvP Tournaments * HLD * TvT * LLD * IronMan * Hide & Seek *

Post by Shokat » Fri Dec 17, 2010 5:03 pm

Hide & Seek, Ironman – level 9 (hc), vLLD – level 9, LLD - level 30, High Level Duel, Team vs Team

1. Sign Up:

The ones that wish to participate, are asked to reply here with the following message:

Account Name: *xxxx
Character Name: xxxx
Character type – Main Skill

2. Rules:

a) Ironman - level 9 - HC

It will only take place on Hardcore.
The basic rules are simple. 8 players join a game (with a fresh level 1 character – no charms / items from other games, and with no quests completed in other games). We all level in a party until we get to level 9. After that we all go into town and hostile everyone. Everybody goes out of the town, waits for the signal and start killing in a free for all manner. Last man standing wins.

- Try to stick together when you level up, so you all hit level 9 at the same time.
- Don't go too far after the duel starts. All the fights will take place in front of the town, act 1 - Blood Moore.

Not allowed:

- Mercenaries
- Life / rejuv / stamina / antidote / thawing potions
- Town portals (don't go into town or exit game after the duel starts)
- Necro : Only 2 summons allowed (including golem)

The ones that don’t follow the rules will be disqualified from the IronMan Tournament.

b) Low level duel - level 9/30 - soft
It will only take place on Softcore, Nightmare Difficulty, in act 1 - Blood Moore.
In this PvP Tournament there won’t be any restrictions regarding the gear / stats / skills. Find the best items for level 9/30 and you’re good to go. We’ll organize 1vs1 duels and maybe team duels (2vs2 / 4vs4)

Some general rules:
- The character must be level 9/30 (if you make it to level 10/31 by mistake, delete the char and make it again)
- Any class, iteme, skill, stats allowed
- You can also G-rush your char to Baal Hell (also, you may complete all the bonus quests – Den of Evil, Radament, Jade Statue, Lam Esen’s Tome, Izual, Anya on every difficulty )

Not allowed:
- Mercenaries (summons allowed)
- Healing / rejuv / stamina / antidote / thawing potions
- Town portals

c) High level duel - soft

Basic Rules:
- Any hacks beside maphack ( FARCAST, ANIMADATA etc) are not allowed
- Mercenaries are not allowed
- Healing / rejuv / stamina / antidote / thawing potions, shrines – not allowed
- The duel starts after both players say “GO” and there’s a distance between the two oponenets
- All the monsters near the place where the duel will take place, will be killed Before the duel starts
- You are not allowed to cast traps or any kind of missles before both players say “GO”
- The inventory must be full (no matter what charms you have in it)
- You are not allowed to stack mana potions on the map (you can only use the ones in your belt)
- After both players have said “GO”, if a player goes into town for any reason, he is considered defetead
- Any char may use two facets max, with the exception of the Fister (Foh) who may use only one
- During the Duel, if one of the players drops from the game, he won’t lose any points.
- In case there’ll be lag on the server at Duel time, we will reschedule the duels.
- We are using best 2 out of 3, to decide the winner

Some other rules – regarding items

-Absorb + Absorb of any elementalist type ( fire, light, cold) is not allowed
-Max Rezist + max Rezist of any elementalist type ( fire, light, cold) is not allowed
-One max rezist + un absorb, of any elementalist type are allowed
-You are not allowed to use more than 75% poison reduction
-If you are dueling a Cold Sorc you can have max rez + absorb of the other elementalist types (fire / light)
This applies to every elementalist type char
-Duel vs sorc blizz (cold) – you are allowed with one absorb 20 % + 240 all rezist from items/charms
-Duel vs sorc orb (cold) – you are allowed with one absorb 20 % + 240 all rezist from items/charms
-Duel vs Fister - you are allowed with one absorb 20 % + 240 all rezist from items/charms

Class rules

- Not allowed skills: Bone prison, Bone wall, Iron maiden, Life Tap, Amplify Damage

- You are not allowed to use auras like : Prayer, Meditation, Cleaning , interzise
- 2 absorbs of the same type are not allowed (2xraven,2xdwarf,2xwisp,rising sun,blacloak luna,doom)
- No : Dracul’s gloves, Exile, Griswold Helm, Guardian angel + two absorbs

- If you use Cyclone armor, you can’t use another absorb
- No: Snow clash, Dwarf Star, Wisp, Tg, Hotspur

- Raven + snowclash (not allowed vs cold)
- Dwarf + hotspur (not allowed vs fire)
- Tg + wisp (not allowed vs light)
- ES Prebuff not allowed

- Items not allowed : Doom, Last wish, Dwarf + hotspur
- BO prebuff not allowed

- Phoenyx not allowed

-180 all rez + skill fade, as long as you don't go over the 240% cap

Forbidden items : Doom / Blackloack Luna / Rising Sun amulet / Exile / Draculs

- If you have any opinion / question about the PvP tournaments, the rules, you may post here, but in a civilized manner.
- If you want to participate, you have to know and respect all the rules (the rules won't be explained 5 minutes before the Tournament starts)
- Learn to be fair-play, accept defeat (if it's the case) and behave.
- Check the forum for updates or news at least once / twice a week.
Troublemakers will not be tolerated

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