NEW QUEST : 1.13c Reset Skill / Stat !!

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NEW QUEST : 1.13c Reset Skill / Stat !!

Post by Shokat » Wed May 25, 2011 1:29 pm

Added in Patch 1.13, the Token of Absolution is a consumable item that grants the character one stat/skill reset. This works in the same way as the reward from the Den of Evil quest, but allows a character infinite respecs, provided that they are willing to gather the reagents each time they desire a respec. The Token of Absolution is created in the Horadric Cube by cubing together four different Essences that drop infrequently from the act bosses in Hell difficulty.

The Essences include:

Image Twisted Essence of Suffering (drop - Andariel & Duriel)
Image Charged Essence of Hatred (drop - Mephisto)
Image Burning Essence of Terror (drop - Diablo)
Image Festering Essence of Destruction (drop - Baal).

You put these 4 in the Horadric Cube and hit Transmute:


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