"Gear Me Up!" Initiative

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"Gear Me Up!" Initiative

Post by time1 » Sat Jun 29, 2013 5:37 pm

Every new player who reaches level 85 on the MaxNet Realm on the first char, will be able to request any full gear items set from the list below. Those items come with no strings attached, and can be used as you please. These items come from the MaxNet Players 4 Players Vault, and any donation or return is highly appreciated!

Harlequin Crest Shako
Nightwing's Veil Spired Helm
Andariel's Visage Demonhead
Giant Skull Bone Visage

Skin of the Vipermagi Serpentskin Armor
Skullder's Ire Russet Armor
Ormus' Robes Dusk Shroud
Arkaine's Valor Balrog Skin
Any 3, 4 or 0 sockets Elite Body armor
Any 3 or 0 sockets Enigma Runeword intended armor (BP/LP/MP)

Stormshield Monarch
0 or 4 sockets Monarch Shield

Dracul's Grasp Vampirebone Gloves
Chance Guards Chain Gloves
Magefist Light Gauntlets
Frostburn Gauntlets

Sandstorm Trek
Scarabshell Boots
Boneweave Boots
War Traveler
Battle Boots
Gore Rider
War Boots
Sharkskin Boots

Arachnid Mesh
Spiderweb Sash
Nosferatu's Coil*
Vampirefang Belt
Verdungo's Hearty Cord
Mithril Coil
Thundergod's Vigor
War Belt


Virtually any unique or white items required by popular runewords or builds. Availability may vary greatly.

Remember, this is a measure to help new comers jump straight into End Game content. We do not provide perfect stats on items, or stats on preference. Most of the items will be items that you and some point will not even pick up. The patch is highly rewarding as it is, we only pick up relevant items to hopefully help people get their desired gear faster.

To request or make a donation to this Vault, please leave a message here, via PM towards me (preferably make a new account and trow them there, and send me a PM with account details), or contact me in game. IGN: Time or Time3

Have fun!

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