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Diablo II Acronym Database

Post by time » Fri Feb 21, 2014 10:41 pm

HR=High Rune
MR=Mid Rune
LR=Low Rune
FO=Frozen Orb
PnB=Poison and Bone
FG=Forum Gold
BO= Battle Orders
BC= Battle Commands
WC= Warcry (skill) or Warcries (skill set)
SOJ= Stone of Jordan
WW= Whirlwind
TP= Town Portal
PP= Party Please
FT= For Trade
WUG= What you got
WUW= What you want
PK= Player Kill
NK= Naked Kill
TG= Town Guard
PvP = Player vs. Player
PvE = Player vs. Enemy
PvM = Player vs. Monster
WP = Way Point
Lvl = Level
Mill = Million
K= Thousand
D= Diablo
N= Nihlathak
B= Baal
1= Safe Town Portal
2= Dangerous Town Portal
T/O = Top Offer
BRT = Be Right There
AFK= Away from Keyboard
BRB= Be Right Back
BOTD = Breath of the Dying
EBOTD = Ethereal Breath of the Dying
EBOTDZ = Ethereal Breath of the Dying Berserker Axe
EBOTDTM = Ethereal Breath of the Dying Thunder Maul
PB = Phase Blade
HOTO = Heart of the Oak
CTA = Call to Arms
COA = Crown of Ages
COH = Chains of Honors
OS = Open Socketed
P = Perfect
P, S, D, Z, N, A, B Torch = Paladin, Sorceress, Druid, Amazon, Necromancer, Assasin and Barbarian Torch
CV = Colossus Voulge
AP = Archon Plate
MP = Mage Plate
BP = Breast Plate
GH = Great Hauberk
NG = New Game
FTJ = Failed to Join
SS = Stormshield/Shape Shift
GC = Grand Charm
SC = Small Charm
MF = Magic Find %
WP = Waypoint
Pcomb = Refers to grand charm with +1 to paladin combat skills
BK = Bul Kathos' Wedding Band
GG = Good Game
GJ = Good Job
RM = Remake
FB = Fireball
MH = Maphack
D2 = Diablo II
LoD = Lord of Destruction
NL = Non Ladder
SC = Softcore
HC = Hardcore
GMB=grand matron bow
hoz=herald of zakarum? lols
gc=grand charm
sc=small charm
lc=large charm
ft: for trade
diso: desperately in search of
iso: in search of
PC: price check
Bin: buy it now
res: resist/resistances/resists
MP=mage plate
BP=breast plate
AP= archon plate
bvc=barb vs caster
bve=barb vs everything
bvb=barb vs barb (barbarian)
svs=sorc vs sorc
dvd=druid vs druid
JMOD: jewellers monarch of deflection (i think its deflection, sry no d2 in a while i forgot some)
coh=chains of honor
cta=call to arms
coa=crown of ages
soj=stone of jordan
bk ring= bul katho's ring
cs=crystal sword
ES=energy shield
GM=Good mannered
BM=Bad mannered
FCR=Faster cast rate
FHR=faster hit recover
FBR=faster block rate
ED=enhanced defense/damage
AR=attack rating
CHARA= Character
WEP/WEAP= weapon
LAG= Bad ping
A1=act1... A5=Act5
PSN= poison
DMG/DAMG= Damage
ELE= Elemental
Lwz or LWPB : Last wish zerker last wish phase blade
DW: death web
HFP: Hell forge PLate
G-Mod: Gook Mod
RV : Rex Vex
TPPKM : town portal player kill mod
TMC : Teleport Mod Cast
FC : Farcast
CA : Cryptic Axe
GF : Gold Find
SMHTPPK : Stings Map Hack Using Town Portal PLayer Pk Mod (Comes with MH too..)
MB : Matron Bow

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