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Realm Rules

Post by time » Fri Feb 06, 2009 11:47 pm

To play on our server you are obliged to follow these rules:

Hacks allowed: Maphacks who simply reveal the map and Autoteleports.
[punishment: from permanent lock to banip]

1. Don't make accounts/characters with names that may offend someone! Or with names that can confuse other players in thinking that you are one of the admins!
[Punishment: account/character deletion/lockacct]
Try and avoid using nicknames that contain the following words: time, shagy, enul, bunu, shokat, admin, administrator, Grandmaster, GM-, server, etc

2. Do not swear, in chat/games/games description/account description!
In case you find yourself in this kind of situation, in-game... use squelch option on that player! If that person swears repeatedly send a printscreen to an Admin/mod by forum PM and he will examine the situation. List of admins: Time.
[Punishment: from a simple warning to account locked for 1 to 3 days. Second time or serious offenses: Permanent Lock and/or IP BAN!]

3. Do not spam the Chat!
[Punishment: 7 days Chat Ban. Second time: Lock account]

4. No commercial purpose is allowed. Not in your characters names, in your account name, account description, chat and games.
[Punishment: Usually /serverban (lockaccount, IP ban or even class ip ban/area/cities/countries!]

5. Do not try funny things, like threatening others with ban/lock etc, or any others mindless tricks. We all made them at one point, so it's useless... you always get banned! :evil:
If someone breaks this rule make a screenshot [PRINT SCREEN/Diablo folder], and contact your administrator!
[Punishment: Ban IP!]

6.Moderators sanctions may vary according to the rules violated, the user's past, each moderator separately, and more.

7.In any unforeseen situation of this Regulation administrators always have the last word. So if you do something that's considered bad behavior, and the rules don't cover it, you can still be punished!

8.The administration team of can always change this regulation without prior notice. It's in your best interest to check this topic regularly and we will try our best to inform you of any serious change made to this list!

9. It's forbidden to give PK / TPPK / hostile to players in games created in Normal / Nightmare difficulties both private and public games! The user caught contravening this rule will be punished with lockaccount to a period determined by the Administrator.
Also if the victim has proof that the game was in Hell difficulty with the sole purpose of rushing then the same punishment will be applied!

10. The user is required to take notice of any change done to this regulation, your ignorance does not relieve you of the penalty!

11. If your create consecutive games, password protected or public with 1 player setting, and the command "/dnd" active, you can lose your account! Though there are bullet proof ways to test if a player is using bots, because every admin, moderator or operator has different degrees of powers, and because to find certain things we need either to connect to the server or use the announcement command (which in turn bothers other players) making it hard for us to test if you are using bots in turns may result in an inevitable account locking.

12. Trade Games / afk will be created only on Normal and Nightmare difficulties.
Games password (and not only!) Created on Hell difficulty, in which the user is idle for more than an hour (especially if left overnight, or when players number is low) can bring that user a lock ranging between 24 hours and 3 days. On the second offense, permanently. Since this is a small populated server, phishing for free Annihilus is not something we take lightly.

13. Any failure to obey a messages received from the administration team (Time) regardless of method of transmission (in game / chat / PM or using ann) will bring that user a lockacct until the administrator will solve the case. Note that an admin will not insist (and ultimately punish) on a user who is afk, and with no activity at that time! Admin take the obligation to interact with users in a more sensible way, and use the language easy to digest and on topic. Also, the user takes the obligation to understand the Romanian language or English at a normal level in order to get a more complete experience on the server. We currently have no plans to communicate in other languages with you, so if you don't understand English or Romanian, then you should probably avoid playing here!

14. If an admin tells you to exit the game and be on chat in 10 seconds, and you respond via PM: Wait two minutes, or sit to figure out how to rr/reconnect, then you may be punished according to the seriousness of the situation. GM's are NOT allowed to abuse this!

15. Personal discussions (here we include discussions about Hobby's, or other games / sports, etc.) will be held in the PM, other chat channel, game etc. The Channel "Diablo II-1" will held discussions strictly related to this server, and the game in question. All discussions will be held in Romanian and English, any other behavior outside of these lines of conduct are punishable with kick-> temporary ban-> permanent ban (chat). If the user insists (another account / same ip) will move the punishment to 3-day lock-> permanent.

16. Any advertising or indication to advertising is punished. Whether it is a personal blog that gains revenues, or advertise other sites / locations that have material gain, or a simple name that leads you think to a product, website or other kind of commercial activity (and not only ) is considered as traffic-phishing , and that user can be punished with a penalty which may range from a simple warning to a permanent ban from the server MaxNet! (Ip / class)

If you have any proof that someone breaked some of this rules, contact an administrator... or post somewhere on forums. A screenshot would do just fine!

Just remember: The administrator staff, would not ask you for your password/email and other personal things. Why? Because we can easily make anything happen!
So if someone tries to lure you into this kind of traps, screen it and contact any administrator!

Just refrain from threatening people with ban if you are not in the position of making it happen. If you report someone only to find out that you reacted like that you will be punished instead or along with the person in question.

When you make an account, hang to it an email adress. Those who have missed this detail will probably remain without that account in case they forget the password!
Note: The ability to recover your password via email doesn't work. But the admin will send you an email on your mail account recorded for that game account, thus proving that you are the owner!

IMPORTANT: DO NOT GIVE the E-MAIL used in order to register you account to others! If somehow the address registered to your game account is the same as the Instant Messaging ID you use THEN use another mail account for your game account registration! To change your mail account, Diablo II> Battle.Net> Account Settings> Change Email
It is very possible that someone who knows your game email account (and knows, or is almost certain that is the same e-mail account you have registered ) he/she can use it for personal purposes, and you may loose your accounts!

Check this topic regularly, it is your duty to do this, and if you don't know this rules you are not automatically absolved of any punishment, if we deem that you have violated this regulation.

Before anything we first punish all the jackasses and all the thieves... yeah, in that order!
If you have an exemplary behavior, common sense, respect this free offered space and the other players, we will return the favor when you happen to do something wrong!

Aldo the settings are pretty much standard, this Realm has some modification. More details on MaxNet forums.
Don't forget to bring up you friends!

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Forum Rules - Pvpgn Section

Post by time » Thu Feb 06, 2014 5:42 am

This Regulation shall be respected once you register on our forum !

01. DO NOT register a personal web page nickname or your company's name. Any form of advertising is prohibited! Offenders will be banned!
02. Post only in theme of the topic in question (any offtopic will be deleted without warning)
03. Do not bring insults to forum members. Bullying is strictly prohibited!
04. Do not post with useless short replies, words like " Cool" , "lol" ... etc. .
05. Do not post false, vulgar, defamatory, racist, sexually oriented or any other data deemed illegal in Romania! Since this forum is hosted in Romania we will immediately report any illegal activity to the appropriate Enforcement Agency. In extension, nothing that's illegal in your own country.
06. Do not post information that may violate copyright laws, and if you post any material please provide us with the source of that material.
07. It is forbidden to post pornographic material, or any illegal, including links to websites containing such material.
08. Do not abuse the smiles function.
09. Do not abuse the PM function.
10. Do not write two posts one after another. Edit the old one and add there what you want to say.
11. Do not send personal messages or unsolicited content (spam) to forum members. Private messaging as a means of communication in the forum should be used only at the request and interest of the parties in question. Any abuse in this regard may result in account termination.
12. Use the Search function before posting. More than likely, there will be at least one other topic with the same subject.
13. You may not register more than once using different nicknames. Otherwise, all your posts will be deleted.

Posts that do not comply with these rules will be deleted and users warned.
Not knowing these rules does not relieve you of their violation!