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AimBot Detection pluggin

Post by admin » Mon Nov 17, 2008 10:04 pm

AimBot Detection v0.9

Description This plugin detects aimbots by placing an invisible bot high in the air above the watched players freshly killed victim. The instant the watched player gets kills his victim, the bot is placed directly above the dead player. The bot remains there for [BOT_STAY_TIME (default 1.5)] seconds; if shot enough times to satisfy your body-hit point configuration, the player gets detected as having an aimbot. There is a force-shoot option that is enabled by default that will force the watched player to fire a shot after the bot is spawned. Each body zone of the bot has different point values by default, head\midbody being higher than legs. This will help to compensate for the bot possibly being shot by recoil. If [BOT_STAY_TIME] seconds passes or the player shoots a different player in the [BOT_STAY_TIME] time-frame, his "pass test" counter is incremented by 1 and the bot is removed. If the "pass test" counter reachs [cvar amx_aimattempts] then the watch is automatically removed. There is also an autowatch option that will check each players performance statistics at the end of each round and if they are high (based on your configured ratios), a watch is automatically applied. Currently, only 1 player can be watched at a time.

Note By default there is no punishment. Any detections will be logged only. If you wish to punish detected players, you must select your punishment in the configuration section of the plugin before compiling.

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amx_aimwatch <player> <0=disable | 1=enable> - Apply\Remove watch from player
amx_aimwatch (no arguments) - Returns currently watched player

amx_aimattempts (default 3) - The number of "pass tests" required in order to have aimbot watch removed.
amx_aimautowatch (default 1) - Enable\Disable auto-watch option
amx_aimenable (default 1) - Enable\Disable plugin